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Wonders of Nature Published Photos 1-10

2 Enchanted Forest

3 On Golden Pond

4 Just another Post Office?


6 A Fish's Point of View!



Above: My Time Machines


Up The Creek

Red Rock CA.

Redrock California Winter 2006


Lancaster Ca. Sunset 07

Lancaster Ca. Sunset 07

This picture was edited with a paint program slight color/brightness. Look below same image with different editing.

This picture was edited with a paint program to make it look more like a painting than a picture.

Just Hangin Around Lancaster Ca. Spring 07

First Butterfly of Spring 2007 Captured on film.




The butterfly is just below center, can you find it? Look at about 3 o'clock, it's a bird it's a plane it's a UFO? Didn't know this was there until editing picture!

Same as above w/ layers/shadow/edging/etc

In their own world...

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